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And I feel like I’ve been living under a rock…well a really cute rock, like a newborn baby rock…that rocks.  She is pretty dang awesome.  Feeling a little disconnected from the industry, I feel like I should head over to Style.com and check everything out (officially on my ‘to-do’ list).  So stay tuned for some key looks from the Fall 2014 collections and my random thoughts.

In other news, it is crazy to think that a year ago (on the 15th) I nearly lost my life and was laying in the streets of New York.  What a crazy 12 months it has been—-makes you think, and super grateful for all that life has to offer.

Happy Tuesday!

What’s your Thanksgiving?

For the last few years, our household has chosen to mix things up a bit…let’s just say traditional meals were out of the question for our holiday gatherings.  This year, we decided to return to my southern roots and celebrate with a traditional, southern style dinner.  Given that the majority of our regular diet consists of a paleo line up, and hardly anything fried (ok, we eat french fries when the mood strikes!), we wanted to find a balance between the tasty traditional servings, and not making our insides hate us.

So this year’s menu seems to be a fine balance of those.  Thank you to the world wide web and all its fantastic food bloggers for amazing recipes I can’t wait to get started on.  Here’s a couple I’m really looking forward to…

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Cranberries via What’s Cookin?

*Going to switch out the sugar for maple syrup.

Paleo Sweet Potato Casserole via Cupcakes OMG!


With only 3 months left to go, bound to my bed, and feeling incapacitated…I feel like I’ve finally gained some traction on baby to be’s nursery.  My inner self is constantly torn between luxury and frugality—-read…I’m a cheapskate who likes nice things :)  So when it comes to a crib, my logical choice was to go straight to Ikea.  $100 for a crib?!  Done! And while I love the simplicity of all white, and that will be the main concept for baby’s new digs, I felt something romantic was missing.  I love the modern luxury of Restoration Hardware—not a fan of the rustic, but the industrial luxury of home living they present is right on.   So…I hit the DIY blogs and boards on pinterest…and I think I’ve come up with a fantastic solution that will give me the luxury of Restoration Hardware’s Vivann crib (see left below), without the $1200 price tag.  

I plan on starting with Ikea’s Sundvik crib ($119, on right) and adding some DIY mirrors ($10) to the ends to create the finished look.  Ill be sure to post photos of the process and finished product.   Happy Monday!